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Hampden Township Emergency Personnel Recognized for Life Saving Efforts

October 12, 2017

On September 6, 2017 at approximately 18:02 hours, Company 30 was dispatched to a medical assist for a cardiac arrest located at 306 Raven Court, Mechanicsburg, PA.  Lt. Justin Kohr, acting as Duty Chief 30, went responding and arrived on the scene just moments after the dispatch.  Lt. Kohr evaluated the patient confirmed that she was in cardiac arrest, and quickly initiated CPR while notifying HQ of his actions.  Being in the immediate area, having heard the initial dispatch and Lt. Kohr’s update, Cumberland County Emergency Dispatcher, John Kibe, responded and arrived on the scene where he took over compressions after Lt. Kohr had administered 500 high intensity compressions to the patient.  While Mr. Kibe continued

Annual Recognition & Awards Banquet

February 10, 2017


Steve Goho received the Fire Company Firefighter of the Year Award and the  Hampden Township Commissioners Award for Firefighter of the Year.


Dan Flint received the Fire Company President’s Award.


Jerry Ozog received the Fire Company Chief’s Award.


Jim Yaple received the Fire Policeman of the Year Award.  (no picture available)


Brad Delsanto received the Fire Company Rookie of the Year Award.  (no picture available)


The Top Ten Responders for 2016 were:

Steve Goho (672)

John Goho (501)

Joe Folk (387)

Steve Silo, Sr. (380)

Marty Herman (292)

Jim Wible (258)

WG Dunlevy (200)

Brent Vernon (199)

John Rausch (189)

Frank Conte (127)



1-17-17 Kitchen Fire: 5271 Deerfield Avenue

January 19, 2017

Box 30-07 toned Engine Companies 30,37,31,28, Truck 30, Rescue 27,30, and RIT 33 at 1419 hours to 5271 Deerfield Avenue for a kitchen fire. Chief 2-30 on location with a 2 story residential heavy fire side A on the first floor. Engine 1-30 stretched. 2 lines were stretched on the initial fire attack. Bulk of fire knocked down in 15 minutes with extensive overhaul checking for extension. Engine Companies 12,22, and Rescue 31 special called to the scene for manpower. All occupants out prior to FD arrival.

Photo courtesy of CapitalCityFirePhotos.com

Photo courtesy of CapitalCityFirePhotos.com

Photo courtesy of CapitalCityFirePhotos.com

Photo courtesy of CapitalCityFirePhotos.com