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Est. 1954

PA Act 153

What clearances do I need to volunteer?

The volunteer is responsible for obtaining the Child Abuse History Clearance from the Department of Human Services, as well as a Pennsylvania Criminal History Check from PATCH.
Additionally, the volunteer may be responsible for obtaining a Federal Criminal History report of they have lived outside of Pennsylvania in the last ten (10) years.
The Hampden Township Volunteer Fire Company will obtain a Criminal History Report form the Pennsylvania State Police and local police agencies on behalf of the volunteer.

Who pays for the clearances?

The volunteer is responsible for the fees associated the obtaining the various clearances. These costs may be reimbursed by the HTVFC. If you have barriers preventing you from obtaining the required clearance please contact us.

Where can I get the clearances?

The Child Abuse History Clearance can be obtained from the site below. Note: You may need to create an individual account.
Need Help? Contact the CWIS Support Center at 1-877-343-049

The Pennsylvania Criminal History Check can be obtained from the site below. Please select ‘New Volunteer Record Check’

The FBI Federal Criminal History report may be obtained from the site below.
Need Help? Contact the FBI Support Center at 304-625-5590