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House Fire-Borough of Mechanicsburg-11/28/17

December 1, 2017

On Tuesday evening at approximately 2215 Rescue 30 was dispatched on the first alarm for a house fire in Mechanicsburg Borough. Engine 230 with a crew of six was on the street eating dinner and responded immediately. Fire was found to the rear of the house on the second floor. Engine 230 and Chief 30 arrived on the scene behind Engine 128 and were given an update of possible entrapment in the fire building. While Engine 128’s crew made a push on the fire, Company 30 crews performed a VES (vent, enter, search) of the side alpha bedrooms. As crews made the room, Engine 128’s crew pushed the hallway and made the bedrooms from the inside. Crews found an unconscious patient in the room. The patient was extricated to the front porch as an area of refuge until complete removal from the building could be completed. Crews assessed the patient for injuries and began o2 on the roof. Once fire and smoke conditions improved the patient was taken down in a stokes basket through the interior of the home by additional crews. 

Squad 30 added on to the box to fill for the Rescue. The Squad assisted with opening up and other tasks.

The successful outcome of this incident was because of a coordinated fire attack and an aggressive search. The bedroom door was also closed and assisted with keeping fire spread out of the bedroom.

A job well done to each agency on the scene. Everyone worked together for this outcome.

Pictures courtesy of Glen Hostetler and Dustin Weese

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