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New Requirements Approved For Businesses To Provide ‘Key Lock Box’ and ‘Pre-Plan Information’

September 1, 2016

Hampden Township Commissioners approved two new Ordinances to assist the Hampden Township Volunteer Fire Company in providing better response to emergency situations at commercial establishments.

The ‘Key Lock Box Ordinance’ requires all businesses within the Township to have a key lock box installed on the exterior portion of the building which is accessible to the Fire Company. The key lock box shall contain keys to all locked doors in the facility and provide three emergency contact phone numbers for representatives from the business. This requirement will provide for a faster and safer response to emergency calls at commercial establishments.

Residential property owners may, at their sole option, install a key lock box at their home which will prove useful to first responders if the resident travels extensively or has an elderly/disabled family member at home unable to answer the door.

The ‘Pre-Plan Information Ordinance’ requires all businesses within the Township to submit information to the Hampden Township Volunteer Fire Company through a Pre-Plan Worksheet. The information provided will assist firefighters and first responders when responding to an emergency situation at the business.

New businesses will be required to comply with both ordinances prior to opening the establishment. Existing businesses have up to one year to comply with the new requirements.

Both ordinances, the required forms and instructions are available on this site (resources), at the Township Building and at www.hampdentownship.us.

Questions regarding the ordinances may be directed to Doug Gochenaur, Hampden Township Fire Administrator, at 717-909-6021 or the Community Development Department at 717-761-0119.

Additional details about the key lock box, to include an order form, can be found on the following website: www.knoxbox.com

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